K.A. Editing has a surprisingly fast turnaround rate and offers a very professional service. They have this sorta balance, an editors sharp eye with a reader's sensibility, that any serious writer can appreciate. I had edited my book multiple times over by the time I tried this service, and they still found problems I missed and offered helpful suggestions.

EA Hooper - The Brass Squire

I recently used K.A. Editing to proofread a short story, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Their turnaround time and quality of work were excellent! They are very easy to work with, and the edits I received were thoughtful and thorough. I will definitely recommend this service to other writers, and will be coming back with future projects!

Caryn Larrinaga – Hide and Seek

K.A. Editing will treat your ‘baby’ with care. Aside to their meticulous read and insightful pointers, they have the author’s best interest in story development. Professional, friendly, prompt, and candid. A contagious enthusiasm which works for the betterment of both manuscript and author. Thanks! Looking forward to my next submission.

JT Sanz – Dragon Throttle

K.A. Editing provides an extremely speedy and comprehensive service. They provide not only the edited manuscript with changes fully documented, but also an editing checklist. I would recommend K.A. Editing to any author requiring the services of a professional editor and would not hesitate to enlist them on any future projects I undertake.

Andrew Dadds – Echoes of the Past

When it comes to your editing needs KAEditing is the bee’s knees daddi-o. When I needed the help of a critical, and professional editor for a manuscript I was sitting on for quite a while, this is the place I took it to and I’m very satisfied with the outcome. KAEditing were such patient and critical professionals that their suggestions and insights shaped the manuscript into a proper book. I recommend KAEditing to any author looking for great and timely edits.

Verge Le Noir – Desperados

My experience with K.A. Editing has been remarkably thorough and exceedingly helpful. Their turnaround time was quick and extremely detail-oriented. I was beyond impressed with the feedback I received, not just from a grammar and line-editing perspective, but also some fantastic detail with plot and characterization. I found their suggestions immeasurably helpful and would eagerly use them again on another project.

Justin Bell – The Fog of Dreams

K.A. Editing isn’t looking to be just an editing service but to be a writer’s partner-in-crime. In the long, arduous journey ahead of them. Thank you for your sincerity and for your dedication. You were awesome. In the minefields of self-publishing, it’s always thrilling to find good help.

Aidan Aramiru – Black Halo: The Witch and the Guardian

K.A. Editing is fast, accurate, and professional. They provide feedback in two formats, edits marked directly in the document and a chart which breaks down the different aspects of their review. I would recommend their services to other writers.

Alex Patterson – Choices

I had written my first short story and chose K.A. Editing because of their unusual generous pricing and professional attitude. The experience was fast and better than I could ever hope for. I will definitely use their service for future and bigger work.

Stephen Greenbell - Another Duel